The Noricum Corporation, a California corporation, was launched in early 2005 as a private real estate investment firm with a proven track record of creating wealth for our investors — and a singular commitment to placing their needs above all else.

Mission Statement

Trust and reliable placed in us by our customers
Our ability to create value in our acquisitions
Our integrity and responsibility to our customers

Collectively, with more than twenty years in the real estate industry, the leadership team of Noricum Corporation is experienced in the acquisition, management, finance and disposition of such assets. The management team of the firm has acquired in excess of six million square feet of land and real estate-related investments.

Above all, Noricum Corporation is uniquely committed to serving our clients. Our investors’ financial safety, comfort and success are top priorities. They enjoy direct access to Dietmar Zirngast and our management team, and our firm is founded on establishing trusting, long-term relationships. As a result, many of our investors have been with us for more than a half-dozen years, and more than 75 percent have invested in multiple projects.