Adventure life build hand-cabin as Alaska homestead

land4asset properties brings you the best selling land in Alaska. If you are interested in a remote land for sale for build a hand-cabin in Alaska, Yentna Susitna Drainage area is one of the most sought after locations. The Susitna River is Alaska’s most productive salmon river located in the Upper Cook Inlet. Yentna River is its largest tributary which is responsible for more than half of the annual Susitna sockeye production. Both Susitna and Yentna rivers are known to produce abundant populations of pink, coho, king and chum, coho salmon.

A homesteader shares their story of creating an Alaska homestead in a hand-built cabin, includes crops to grow, information on public domain subsistence homesteading and foraging opportunities when living off the land in Alaska. Read More

Yentna Susitna Drainage Land Sales

The properties around Yentna and Susitna Rivers are one of the nicest developed properties in Alaska

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The properties around Yentna and Susitna Rivers are one of the nicest developed properties in Alaska. They are located on the Yentna River across the Fish Creek. They mainly offer a 2440 square feet of main house, 680 square feet of 2nd house with 2 sleeping cabins, gazebo, a shop, generator shed, several outbuildings and a lot more.

Lake Creek one of the most famous streams in Alaska in it’s south central region. It is famous for its superior quality of salmons. is one of south central Alaska’s most famous streams, primarily due to its superior salmon runs. If you want to have a look at all the remote land sales Alaska has to offer, Noricum Realty is here to provide you and guide you with all the details.

From recreational land sales to raw land sales in Alaska, noricum realty has a detailed list of all the lots, lands and properties that are available for sale in Alaska. If you are looking for an property investment opportunity in Alaska, get in touch with us today.

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