Growing up in one of California’s busiest cities

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“Growing up in one of California’s busiest cities and then moving to a small town like Alturas will make you stop to take a deep breath of clean air for a change. Alturas is a small town with everything you need to enjoy life with your family. If Alturas had a bigger Airport to accomodate visitors, this city would grow extremely quickly. Alturas is centered between Redding, Susanville, and Klamath Falls Oregon as your bigger cities. If you live in the Rush hour cities, you may want to visit Alturas and see a friendly environment for a change instead the everyday city life were people look like there too busy to enjoy life with a real smile.”
– Albert


  1. Frank Swain
    March 9, 2016

    Friend; your mapping is pretty good… I firmly believe you customers will be inspired greatly by superior mapping of the land, its parcels, etc…


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