Fractional ownership by alyeska hermitage treehouse resort

Noricum Corporation (NC) Introduces Fractional Ownership with Alyeska Hermitage Treehouse Project

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Los Angeles, CA – Nov. 26, 2015 – Dietmar Zirngast, founder and CEO of Noricum Corporation announced the launch of its exclusive Alyeska Hermitage Treehouse Resort project in the Mat-Su Valley of Southcentral Alaska. The first of its kind, the project is in its planning stage with the construction phase scheduled for the latter part of 2016.

Our biggest challenge is incentivizing customers to the significance of making provisions for the future and their health,

said Zirngast.

Alyeska Hermitage Treehouse Resort will offer adventure and wellness vacations for luxury travelers via fractional ownership. The resort will feature 13 luxurious private guest cabins and guest tree houses anchored by a single main building that includes a restaurant, wellness area, front desk and staff accommodations. Completion of the project is set to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Alaska’s purchase by the United States.

The Alyeska Hermitage Treehouse Resort offers a 437,000 square foot vacation home with activities located as closely as the Skwentna River and the Denali Iditarod Trail. The complex includes an additional 874,000 square foot developable pad. Individuals will have access to catered parties, seminars and workshops, and a variety of formal and informal events.

The project offers residents a holistic rejuvenation experience in a natural setting, allowing them to alleviate stress, rest the mind and tend the body in a peaceful environment. The Alyeska Hermitage Treehouse Resort is a sustainable and environmentally responsible project that enables visitors to live in modern luxury while maintaining harmony with nature.

Panoramic views, 500-foot hills, ancient glaciers, abundant wildlife and a wealth of natural botanical beauty provide individuals with the luxury of experiencing the pristine air, water and landscapes of the untouched Alaskan wilderness. Fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing, and rafting and kayaking are just some of the many activities in which residents may choose to participate, along with skiing and snowboarding.

The Alyeska Hermitage Treehouse Resort project by Noricum Corporation is the first of its kind in Alaska, providing celebrities and high-end travelers from around the world with an opportunity to experience the unique attributes of Alaska. Fractional ownership offers access to the exclusive venue in which to find physical, emotional and spiritual renewal, without the additional burden of shouldering the entire cost.

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