• luxury vacation home, fractional ownership

    Resort Project

    The location of Mat-Su Valley is in the heart of Southcentral Alaska and contains more than 23,000 square miles of hilly unspoiled nature green pastures with breathtaking wildlife, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and offers ideal conditions for the creation of a supplementary resort project for current offerings in this wilderness region.

  • luxury vacation home, fractional ownership

    Main Building

    The special feature of the Alaska Hermitage Resort is the accommodation located surrounded by the wilderness, in the generous creative unity between interior and exterior, as well as aesthetically pure and noble features of natural materials like wooden, etc.

  • luxury vacation home, fractional ownership

    Hermitage Cabin

    The chosen design structure allows each of Hermitage Cabins stunning views over the Skwentna River toward the Alaska Rage. All buildings are accessible from the main building via boardwalks, where restaurant and reception is placed.

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